Our Services

Providing a Complete Suite of vCTO Solutions to Educational Institutions

SERVICES: You will benefit from Xyity vCTO expertise no matter your size or need. The following components may be included in your custom engagement:

Strategic Planning & Technology Roadmap Design

These tools show measurable metrics such as a reduction in IT spend or creating competitive advantages. With leadership and planning we align your organization’s goals and IT strategy.

Business Continuity Planning

Identifies an organization’s exposure to threats and synthesizes assets to provide effective prevention and recovery, while maintaining competitive advantage and value system integrity.

IT Budget Development & Management

Your vCTO will develop and manage a budget that respects the current needs of the organization while balancing spend on future improvements.

IT Vendor Sourcing & Management

We incorporate a holistic approach to vendor sourcing, selection and management to optimize productivity and financial value from 3rd party relationships.

IT Contract Negotiations & Management

Polar Systems utilizes our experience in software & hardware contract negotiations to ensure maximum value from your vendors and partners.

IT Department SLA Development & Management Service

Level agreements using standards from the Information Technology Information Library (ITIL) guide are implemented to clarify responsibilities and manage expectations and performance.

The Xyity Solution

For all the technological progress, implementation, as well and maintenance and accountability remains major challenges for educational institutions. As such, the highly experienced skilled technology experts at Xyity partner with education institutions existing technology director or becomes the outsource technology director to provide guidance and vision for the future. Our technical staff provides comprehensive and unlimited technology assistance with your computers, servers, switches, routers, firewalls, printers, and even peripheral devices.

Additional Services

Wireless project

Xyity works directly with strategic industry leading partners, especially within wireless infrastructure.  Together we can transform your districts wireless infrastructure, in order to proactively provide a total cost of ownership value, while maintaining a reliable, durable, and affordable wireless network.  In working with your local financial Advisers/Directors we would be able to take advantage of local and federal funding to assist in offsetting the purchase, whether it be a NEW installation or simply an upgrade.


In working with local Advisers/Directors, we can lead districts through their designing, purchasing, implementation, and maintenance of all infrastructure, while strategically planning local and federal funding sources.

Phone System

We will assist any district with an RFP (Request for Purchase) process with any technology projects.  With that being said, we are vendor agnostic when working with phone infrastructure, and take a leadership role in the details of what, why, how and when phone systems are implemented.

Maternity Leave/Illness

Xyity understands the position a school district can be in when left suddenly (or even planned) when their Technology Director is on leave. That’s why we created a plan for districts just for Maternity Leave or Short Term/Long Term Disability. We can come in either virtually or on-site to be your interim Technology Director.

Google implementation

Xyity has worked with key strategic Google Partners who can install, assist or maintain a Google Apps For Education (GAFE) environment.  These partners, coupled with Xyity Directors, can map out, and drive your Google Apps for education to NEW levels and make if VERY affordable for budgets.

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We have partnered with several strategic industry leading partners to be as vendor agnostic as possible.  We support on-premise and cloud based solutions, in any size school district, anywhere in the country.

Server Projects

We have partnered with several strategic, industry leading partners in the server space, the most recently being Amazon and their Web Services division.  This division of our company is solely focused on providing cloud services to K-12 school districts across the nation, and we want to be an industry leader in showcasing the advantages of the cloud both in schools and financially.

Internet Bandwidth

While working with district administration and technology staff, we are able to determine how much bandwidth is needed in order to meet the districts needs.  Investigating current capacities with applications, while forecasting with future plans, and considering all funding sources, we are able to more accurately predict, utilize and implement more bandwidth in order to meet the districts needs.  Utilizing federal funds can be a tremendous asset in determining the how much bandwidth to invest into over the next several years;  we are currently targeting 1GB to 5GB for all of our small to medium sized school districts.


Xyity vCTO: Executive IT Leadership, When You Need It

  • Providing your school district with a senior executive that serves as a CTO and IT advisor to your business.
  • Possesses a technical background and be familiar with a broad range of IT platforms and technologies but will be looking to apply technology solutions that will help you reach your business objectives. Get the benefit of having someone that brings years of experience operating in diverse IT environments to your business without having to pay for a full-time senior IT executive.
  • Will help you review your business operations, determine your system needs, develop an IT roadmap, provide ad-hoc advisory services, set IT policy, and develop a disaster recovery plan.  We will align your IT infrastructure with business objectives and service value.