Xyity vCTO Services

Providing a Complete Suite of vCTO Solutions to Educational Institutions

Xyity vCTO

We provide a variety of technology leadership services designed to provide service leaders the necessary resources in order to meet their respective deadlines. We are able to lower the cost for school corporations and districts across the United States, while providing HIGH level Leadership in all facets of education technology. Xyity is able to streamline everyday technology tasks and workflows in order to improve student achievement. CTO’s are utilized to improve education and student success, which are the highest of our teams priorities.

Who We Are

Xyity provides Coaching of Technology Directors and (Virtual Chief Technology Office) for corporations and school districts in the United States. The Company is able to go into a school and provide all of the technology they need lower the overall school costs while simultaneously increasing the efficiency, streamlining operations and providing a better experience for the students, teachers and staff of each of the educational institutions Xyity works with. Xyity offers knowledge and experience and intimate detail on K-12 schools and their operations. K-12 education CTOs see using technology to improve education and student success as their highest priority, but face significant obstacles in digitalizing the organizations they serve. Education CTOs must understand these obstacles and how to overcome them to achieve results that matter.

vCTO is the right choice for your business

Here are some reasons why

The vCTO creates trusted partnerships

It is the responsibility of the vCTO to create a trusted partnership with both the vendors and the employees within the organization. Developing an alliance with IT companies is more than having a quick introductory phone call. It invoices consistent email communication, site visits and conference calls to develop a relationship that can withstand during good times and bad.

The vCTO makes sure everyone works together

The vendor must understand what the customers is offering and what sets them apart from their competition. The vendor must feel comfortable presenting new solutions that will keep the business moving forward with the use of technology. The partners must also feel comfortable taking a step back if any IT solutions are incorrect. The vCTO must be the keeper of the process and make sure no one gets involved in the blame game.

The vCTO gives support around the clock

The vCTO should combine site visits with remote support to make the business feel like they can receive IT support around the clock. The vCTO works for the business and must be accessible to truly manage and support the business especially in network security.

Companies’ IT infrastructure can be compromise

No matter how many layers of IT security every companies’ IT infrastructure can be compromised. If and when this occurs the vCTO must rely on the processes developed to get the immediate response necessary to mitigate the damage. The only way for this to occur is if the vCTO has a written plan, the support structure, and open communication with all the suppliers.